Why Does My Lawyer Deny To Take My Car Accident Case?

Finding out that a lawyer rejects handling your car accident case could be frustrating. In such cases, you must consult a Huntertown car accident attorney to ensure your car accident case does not get denied. There are several reasons why a lawyer might deny handling your case. 

It would be in your best interest to stay aware of these factors since they could directly impact your case. Irrespective of a lawyer denying your case, it would be vital for you to preserve evidence by taking photographs of the car accident case. 

Here are some of the common reasons that could lead you to face rejection from a lawyer for your car accident case: 

  • Liability 

When a car accident victim encounters difficulty establishing liability or if a lawyer evaluates the case by concluding that liability cannot be proved, your car accident case would likely be denied legal representation. Another instance where the case would be rejected is when the lawyer determines that there is no legal responsibility for the damages and injuries that occurred after the accident. You can contact a car accident lawyer in Huntertown to check if your case is eligible for legal representation. tinyzonetv 

  • Statute of limitations 

The car accident victims must follow the statute of limitations when filing a car accident case against the defendant. However, if the victims fail to follow or adhere to the statute of limitations, any lawyer would likely deny taking the chance. 

  • Practice area 

Many lawyers specialize in a specific field of law. For instance, a lawyer may specialize in handling medical malpractice cases. A lawyer may likely deny your car accident case for legal representation in such a scenario. If the lawyer does not have any prior experience in handling a defined legal issue, they will likely deny taking a case outside of their practice area. 

  • Conflict of interest 

A lawyer might not handle your car accident case if there is a conflict of interest. Suppose an attorney thinks their claims could interfere with their ability to control the issue properly. For instance, if the defendant or the responsible driver for causing the car accident is a friend of the attorney, a conflict of interest could arise. 

In such cases, a lawyer may not handle your case. However, suppose you encountered injuries in a car accident case, got proper medical care, maintained records, collected photographic evidence, and have a police report. In that case, you should worry about an attorney denying your case. You will possibly get a lawyer to legally represent you if you take care of your side of obligations. anonig

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