What Workers’ Compensation Benefits are You Entitled to

If you have been harmed in a workplace accident, you may want to take advantage of the workers’ compensation that that law provides. However, what benefits can you receive? The answer to this is it depends on the seriousness of your work-related injury, your recovery period, whether you recover partially or fully, and if you can return to work. Typically, the majority of workers’ compensation cases get resolved in up to 500 weeks. The only exceptions are cases that involve serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and loss of several limbs. To know the kinds of benefits you are entitled to, speak with an experienced Virginia injured at work lawyer. 

Kinds of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Worker’s comp benefits come in many forms including medical treatment and lost earning benefits. You can get these benefits throughout your recovery period or one of them may end first before the other. Also, you may be qualified to get lifetime medical benefits in some conditions. 

  • Total disability benefits. Under workers’ comp law, a total disability is when injury fully prevents you from working. If you are totally disabled, you can be eligible for getting lost wage benefits until your doctor releases you to full duty. 

While you still get medical treatment and cannot go to work partially or completely, workers’ comp covers a portion of your lost earnings. Lifetime medical treatment costs such as prescription medicines, hospitalization, physical therapy, doctors’ fees, and others will still be paid. 

  • Partial disability benefits. You suffer from a partial disability if you can still work but with some limitations that will have you getting less pay than what you got before your injury. 
  • Permanent loss of body part benefits. If you can no longer use a body part or lost a body part because of a workplace accident, you can be entitled to these benefits for a certain period.
  • Lifetime benefits. You can get these benefits if you lost both eyes, legs, arms, and feet in the same accident. Also, you are qualified to receive them if you suffer from complete paralysis because of the accident as the Commission describes and as supported by medical evidence. Serious brain injury that makes you unfit for work in any kind of paying job also qualifies you for these benefits and savefromnet.

Speaking with an Attorney

Each workers’ comp claim is different. A claim can get complicated depending on the kind and seriousness of your injury. The settlement offer of the insurance company may sound tempting. But you must consult with a skilled workers’ comp lawyer first to know the benefits you deserve to get and make sure your rights are protected. bestnewshunt

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