What type of plastic surgery do men like?

Taking care of yourself to look younger. Who said there are only women? Because nowadays men also turn to taking care of themselves more and more as well. And thanks to the technological advances of surgeons that can help men fix various imperfections is very successful. The end result is that everyone feels more confident in themselves. What we have gathered information to present to everyone today are the top 10 most popular plastic surgeries in men’s edition. If you want to know what men do about their faces and body You can scroll and watch it all at the same time.

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1. Rhinoplasty

For the male version of the nose augmentation, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the surgical procedure. Since most men’s noses have a rather tall and large hump, the surgeon requires a lot of expertise in every step. The surgery depends on each technique of the individual surgeon as to which technique to perform the surgery. If the original structure is good, Silicone augmentation is also a relatively simple surgery. Another case that must be as neat as possible is Open surgery to restructure the inside of the nose to make it more perfect. Length of time to put on a splint And recovery is about 7-14 days. When the nose starts to settle in about 1-2 months, you can gradually return to exercise by starting gently, not using heavy vibrations to be careful not to move the nose.

2. Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery helps to enhance the structure of the face clearly. and look more prominent by jaw surgery procedure A direct oral surgeon will assess your jaw first to make the facial contour more complete. It is very popular among men. Caused by the shape of a man’s face that looks like a face frame. and the jaw is clearer than women As a result, some men are insecure (in some cases, the chin and mouth appear to protrude more forward than usual. causing the face to look disproportionate to other organs)

3. Tummy Abdominal Surgery Tuck, most people would mistake it for liposuction. But Tummy Tuck abdominal surgery is a direct surgery on the abdomen. Helps to tighten sagging skin problems. Suitable for people who have had a lot of weight before. And when the weight is reduced, the skin on the abdomen is sagging, but not tight. Therefore, abdominal surgery is the best way for people who want to correct this defect on the spot.

4. Increase penis size

Basically, a man’s penis size varies quite a bit. which Some people are somewhat smaller than the standard and not very confident Injections to increase the size with fillers or fat injections are still quite safe in the medical community.

– The fillers used will be able to dissipate on their own for a period of time depending on the individual’s body.

– In the case of using fat, medical professionals will use fat that comes from our own body. The end result is safe. It is not dangerous for the person who has undergone this problem.

5. Double eyelids

Double eyelid surgery in men’s version What is different from women is that they do not remove as much excess fat on the eyelids as women. Because a man’s face must still be natural. Therefore, fat should not be eliminated. and get rid of the skin around the eye layer too much Another technique that I would like to recommend at all is Celeb Eyes, a Korean double eyelid technique. The advantages of this technique are

– Get the eye layer at a distance that is suitable for the face not too high or too low

– Get bright double eyelids with natural techniques from Korea.

– Fast recovery time After doing it, you can live your normal daily life. because there is only a slight swelling

– no scars

6. Facelift surgery

Nowadays, men are becoming more and more interested in the facelift. Because it is a direct solution to the problem of sagging eyelids, drooping eyebrows, face and neck are not tightened. These reasons make our faces look older than before. And with the technology of surgeons in this era, it can help face lift surgery to look natural, with small incisions, results after doing it, the face will look younger by 5 – 20 years ever.

7. Filler and Botox injections

– Fillers are fillers that enhance the integrity of the skin. And under the skin that we ourselves feel that it is missing In the case of male filler injections, the focus will be on correcting the problem of deep wrinkles between the faces, whether on the forehead, around the eyes or even the lips. and problems caused by deep pores that make the face not smooth

– Botox reduces wrinkles and adjusts the face shape to look more appropriate Usually, Botox injections will have good results for about 3-8 months (depending on where and where we inject to fix).

Before undergoing filler and botox injections, no special preparation is required. After the injection, you can use your daily life as usual (but you need to refrain from alcohol for about 1 week).

8. Liposuction

It only happens to men who have a large belly. Caused by belly fat, whether exercising Or how heavy the diet is, it still doesn’t see results. Liposuction, therefore, is another good option that can help you remove belly fat without worrying about danger. As for who is worried that The part of the skin that has been sucked out of the fat is wavy and not firm. Because the innovation of medical devices has been developed in the area of ​​liposuction and skin tightening with liposuction machines named Body Tite and J Plasma. The advantages of these two types of liposuction machines are

– heat from radio waves Stimulates the production of collagen make the skin stronger and tighten up

– Liposuction and skin tightening at the same time

– Eliminate cellulite uneven skin or the skin around the liposuction area is wavy And will help make the skin back smooth. and tighten up

– Takes a short time to do it, swelling, bruising and less pain

– Harmless to skin and body

You should exercise together after waiting for the wound to heal. and the body recovers for the best results for those who have undergone this problem

9. Fat injections

The fat that is injected is fat that comes from our own body. The most popular men’s face injections are the cheeks and lips to help with the problem of the original face with the cheeks answering. And lips are too thin, fat injections are another thing that increases the confidence of those who have problems of this nature. Therefore, whoever injects it should find a safe place to separate the fat cells. and stem cells to get the most quality fat before adding fat on the face

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