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What is the difference between an Affidavit of Support and a Green Card?

An affidavit of support can be among the most difficult criteria for immigrants applying for a green card, along with all the other complicated paperwork, tax forms, and specifications. It’s frequently the reason that many applicants use an adept family immigration lawyer Dallas to assist them in the procedure.

Affidavit of Support: What Is It?

Many immigrants and foreign nationals are required to file an affidavit of support, also known as Form 1-864 when seeking a green card.

The document demonstrates that the person applying for a green card has the financial backing to live in the US. It demonstrates that the immigrant won’t be financially dependent on the US government.

The affidavit’s “sponsor” is the individual who signs it. The person who submits the application on behalf of the immigrant is known as the “petitioner,” also known as a sponsor. The sponsor is obligated by this agreement to provide the immigrant with financial support up to the immigrant:

  • gains US citizenship
  • forty quarters of labour are finished or credited (approx. 10 years)
  • Death occurs
  • emigrates outside of the US and loses their green card

Who may sign up to sponsor?

To qualify as a sponsor, an individual must:

  • Have reached the age of 18
  • Having US citizenship or being an LPR
  • possess a US address and be US citizens

Have an income that is at least 125% of the federal poverty level for the size of their household. A person must earn at least 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to petition for their spouse or child while serving in the US armed forces on active duty.

Who Requires a Support Affidavit?

An affidavit of support is typically required if a person is seeking for a green card visa for any of the following reasons:

  • A visa for immediate family members
  • An immigrant visa based on employment
  • A visa for family immigration

However, there are a number of exemptions that don’t require an affidavit, including the following:

  • 40 quarters of your labour in the US have been earned or credited to you.
  • If you are a widow or widower who filed a self-petition or continued your application for residency in the US within two years of your spouse’s passing and did not remarry, Form I-360 must be granted.
  • You have been authorised as a battered spouse or kid. Form 1-360

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