What Is a Connection? between two or more things

A connection is an association or link between two or more things. Examples of connections include peanut butter and jelly, mom and kids, or the location of pipes that join the water heater. Another example is plugging a clock into the wall. The definition of a “connection” varies from context to context, but these examples illustrate the meaning behind the term. If you’re wondering what a connection is, consider the relationship between mom and kids, a pair of sneakers, or a pair of jeans.


The word connection is a noun that describes a connection between a plug and a port. Computer peripherals, including monitors and printers, must all connect to the computer to function. A connection can be made between two objects by different colors or shapes. You can find more details about the different types of connectors and how to use them on the next page. Once you’ve defined your connection, you’ll need to add data from it to your page or workbook.

Persistent and temporary

A connection can be persistent and temporary. The connection can be opened and closed at will and properties can be specified. A session is a logical set-up that lasts for a certain amount of time. Once it has finished, it’s discarded or maintained with the expectation of another session later. In general, a connection can only be re-used once. You should never try to use a connection that’s already closed.

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