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The Four Stages of Life

According to life cycle theory, a person develops four different stages throughout his or her life. The first is the prenatal stage, during which conception and development of life’s basic processes are coordinated. Later, there is the pre-operational stage, during which children develop symbolic thought and progress from concrete to abstract thinking. Many young people experience imaginary friends during this stage, and they will have many relationships during this time. They will also experience the concrete operational stage, during which children solidify their concepts of cause and effect, and the logical consequences of their actions.

Second stage

The second stage occurs during conception, during which major structures of the body are formed. Health and nutrition are key concerns during this stage, as well as delivery. After birth, the first year and a half of life is a time of rapid growth, from a newborn with poor vision to an active and mobile toddler. Caregivers go from managing feeding schedules and feeding practices to becoming constantly on the move guides and safety inspectors for a burgeoning, energetic child.

Third stage

The third stage is characterized by an individual’s ability to organize priorities. This stage also involves an evaluation of what is important to him and what is not. During this time, the person has to realize that everything is temporary, and that there are limits to everything. Some people are too stubborn to accept their limitations, deluding themselves into believing that they are not limited. Therefore, life is a series of phases and stages, each of which will prepare the individual for the next.
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