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Prevention and Safety ,their control

Prevention and safety is the best approach to managing risk in an organization. The objective is to reduce the risk to a minimum and eliminate it as far as reasonably practicable. Both principles are mentioned in many health and safety regulations, and are legal obligations for employers. The aim is to prevent or control the occurrence of an accident, disease, or other ill health condition, rather than cure it. The best practices for risk management are based on the principles of prevention.

In the workplace

Prevention is all about controlling risk. It refers to actions taken to minimize risks. These include measures taken while working, driving, playing sports, and doing chores. It also includes choices about alcohol and tobacco, and the type of sexual activity one engages in. It also refers to health and psychosocial issues that are often overlooked. These issues are related to safety and health, but can be treated separately or in conjunction. Click here the website cinebloom you can find out the lots of information 1mut

Reducing risk

Prevention and safety are both about reducing risk. The principles of prevention are well-established and broadly applicable. The focus of action should be on reducing or eliminating risk. In most cases, this is done through elimination of the source, or substitution of a less hazardous substance. But for those times when this is not possible, the principles of prevention apply to these situations as well. There are some risks that can’t be avoided. When these situations arise, you must make sure that you take action.

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