How to plan the perfect coast-to-coast road trip

When it comes to planning the perfect coast-to-coast road trip you could find it almost as thrilling as the journey itself. It is important that you make a list of all of the sights that you want to see and then make a route that picks out as many enjoyable experiences on the way to your chosen location as well as for the route that you are going to take on the way home. This will ensure that you still have places to look forward to seeing right up until the point of walking back through your front door and that none of your road trip vacation time is seen as wasted.

#1 Plan your route

Obviously, you are going to want to spend time planning your perfect route, but this will have to be done hand in hand with your timings unless you have an open-ended vacation period. Unless you are particularly fond of traveling, it is likely that you are going to want to spend as little time as possible getting from destination to destination and far longer enjoying the prime locations themselves.

#2 Choose your prime locations

It is, therefore, important to choose your prime locations carefully, making sure that you are aware of opening times for particular tourist attractions that you want to visit and where you are going to want to spend each night while you are there.

One of the easiest ways and probably the cheapest is to travel and stay in your own RV. You will then have the luxury of having all that is yours around wherever you happen to decide to stay.

#3 The most convenient way to travel

However, having said that, driving around in your RV within your vacation location may not only be impractical but also expensive on the fuel, indeed there are far cheaper ways to travel and take in the sites and smells of your chosen location, and this is by motorcycle. Although you could possibly hire a motorcycle at each and every location you are choosing to stay at, this could work out to be highly expensive.

A far cheaper option (especially if you already own a motorcycle) is to have your motorcycle delivered to your vacation destination so that you can use its convenience while taking your day trips, and then by using motorcycle transport having it delivered to your next vacation location. This can be achieved using sites such as for your motorcycle transportation.

To wrap it all up

A perfect coast-to-coast road trip is not all about traveling all of the time; it is, however, about enjoying new experiences, sights, and locations. Indeed, traveling in your very own RV is very enjoyable, especially when you have no real-time schedule to work to. However, it does come with its own issues such as gas consumption and parking. Whereas using a motorcycle when sightseeing and enjoying your surroundings can provide your vacation with a much more in-depth and thrilling experience.

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