How Can An Attorney Help In Gathering Evidence For A Personal Injury Claim?

Some kinds of evidence will be obtained by your attorney in the claim process of personal injury, while other types of evidence are obtained on a case-by-case basis. Your attorney will easily obtain copies of police, medical, doctor’s, and physical therapy records. Other than that, they also obtain considerably hard evidence, like an accident report from a business establishment or video footage of security surveillance. Cimarron Ridge Legal Group is legally equipped to provide the best service in personal injury cases.

Different evidence that an attorney can collect. 

  • Police Reports

In car accidents that involve injuries, police will generally gather at the scene of the accident. The police officer prepares a written traffic collision report, which consists of essential information regarding the accident and statements by witnesses present during it. It is an integral part of the legal case and strongly affects the results of your claim.

  • Medical records

Doctor’s reports and hospital records bills portray a detailed description of the victim’s injuries and have information regarding the incidents which may have caused those injuries. These documents are essential in displaying the severity of your injuries and ultimately help you get the appropriate monetary compensation to compensate for them. 

  • Records of Physical Therapy

Most cases of personal injury involve follow-up physical therapy. Your attorney will notify your physical therapist to send physical therapy records, as these are very helpful in portraying how the injuries cause much pain and discomfort. It is strong evidence to show the amount of pain and suffering experienced by the victim. Physical therapy records, along with medical records, will help in determining the required amount of compensation for your recovery.

  • Evidence related to the injury at a business establishment

If the accident occurred at a business establishment like a store, restaurant, or hotel, the lawyer could help collect substantial evidence. A written report is prepared by the business, containing the incident’s documentation. It may contain statements of witnesses and a description of the video footage of the accident.

The lawyer can also request the respective establishment to provide the safety inspection reports for the relevant time frame. Safety inspection reports help in determining whether the business conducted regular safety inspections and if there was any case of negligence on the part of the business owner. It also shows if the safety inspections were conducted regularly to maintain a safe environment in the establishment.

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