Feeding guide for horses

Horses need to be fed several hours a day in order to keep their body active and with all the strength they need due to their size and also the activity they do on a daily basis. This diet must be rich in nutrients that strengthen your immune system, as well as give more elasticity to your ligaments and harden your bones. If you want to know what horses eat, whether they are in freedom or in captivity, we advise you to continue reading, because we have prepared a very interesting article about it.

That horses eat

Among the foods that the horse will eat more frequently is grass. You will find this food especially on the slopes of the mountains when you are in freedom and in the fields where you live. This animal will ingest large amounts as it moves around its environment, looking for those that seem to be of better quality and fresher, however when it is in a captive plot it will feed on everything it finds, since it does not have the possibility of being selective in this aspect.

In freedom they feed on fresh grass.

On the other hand, and this only happens when we talk about domesticated horses, one of the cheapest and most basic foods that are going to be given to these animals is hay. Hay can be purchased at any specific pet store but not everywhere will sell you a quality product. To know how to choose the hay that is best for your horse, you must make sure that it is fresh, that it is green and, most important of all, that it does not contain dust or moisture particles, since it is very common for these to be found in hay in poor condition or outside the establishments. These particles can cause your horse to have breathing problems or reach its lungs creating serious illnesses. One of the techniques that you can carry out is to rinse the hay several times in water so that the dust and dirt disappear, making it easier for the animal to digest.

There are other foods that are made for those horses that have special nutritional needs, such as those that perform agricultural tasks, mares that are pregnant or also for small foals that need more nutrients with which to improve their development. What these concentrates achieve is that in addition to hay or grass, which should be the main part of their diet, it also helps them to have all the vitamins and mineral salts necessary for proper nutrition.

Horses, like any other living being, need to drink water so that their vital functions are carried out perfectly. This animal will drink an average of 40 liters of water daily to stay hydrated. If one of them does not drink this amount for several days or weeks, reducing it to just a few liters a day, it would be very normal that it could cause colic or other diseases related to digestion because they are animals that have a hard time carrying a transit fluid gut.

How much do horses eat?

The amount of daily food that a horse is going to eat will depend largely on its size, as well as on the breed we are talking about, as well as on the physical activity that it carries out daily or even on the age or condition of the animal. The weather will also influence its diet, since when it is cold, the horse instinctively tends to eat much more, in order to create a layer of fat that can protect it from low temperatures. In the same way, in summer these animals tend to eat much less but drink several more liters of water to avoid dehydration. At that time you can give him instant food such as Naf products. click here the website cinebloom you can find out the lots of information 1mut

The diet recommended by the veterinarian should be followed.

Although the most normal thing in the event that horses are in charge, it will be the veterinarian who dictates how many kilos of food should be supplied and in how many meals, but the most common is that for every 50 kilos of the animal, one kilo of food. All the kilos should not be given at once, since horses are usually very greedy and will eat it all in one sitting, so it is recommended that it be distributed throughout the day between two or three meals, the first the most abundant of all.

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