Discover the benefits of home health care for seniors

Caring for an older parent comes with inherent challenges. Seniors often have reservations about moving to a nursing home, and even the assisted living facilities have pros and cons. If you are considering Philadelphia home health care for a senior, here are the benefits that you need to know about.

  1. Customized care at home. As we mentioned, seniors don’t want to leave their homes behind, and that decision often is the hardest to make. With home care, your parent can have the care they need, as most agencies are flexible with their caregivers. A home health aide may live with a senior around the clock or may visit for a few hours, as required.
  2. Peace of mind and convenience. Knowing that the senior is being cared for at home is a relief. Apart from the obvious convenience, you can stay involved in their day-to-day care to the best of your abilities. For your parent, this would translate into a better environment to enjoy their older years.
  3. Comprehensive support. Typically, home health care includes all kinds of services. From taking seniors for appointments and shopping to providing support for personal hygiene, meal prep, and planning, and taking medications on time, a home health aide can do it all, and it’s all about the specific needs of the patient.
  4. Respite care. If you are the one taking care of the senior or when the regular caregiver needs a break, you can rely on these home health care agencies for respite care. They can send in someone to fill in the gaps so that the patient doesn’t have to deal with anything alone, which is a big plus.
  5. Emotional support and companionship. For seniors, companionship is a key aspect. As you and the rest of the family gets busy with the daily rigmarole of life, the person may feel ignored and neglected. Having a home care aide is also about companionship, almost like having a friend.
  6. Focus on nutritional needs. Seniors often need to follow a certain diet, especially if they have diabetes or other chronic illnesses. A caregiver can take care of the nutritional needs, ensuring that the patient eats on time and never misses a medicine.
  7. Cheaper in many situations. Hiring home health aides may cost a lot less than living in a nursing home. You can always expect to get an estimate in advance.

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