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Add Window Boxes to Your Home

Adding window boxes to your home is one way to add curb appeal. You can even plant flowers in them! It’s fun to get creative and you can choose your own flowers. There are a lot of different types of flower plants for window boxes, so there’s sure to be a flower you love! Try to choose annuals that bloom in specific seasons, such as hydrangeas and lilies.

Window box

There are also many different kinds of flowering plants you can add to your window boxes. Try adding some flowers to a box filled with plants or herbs. These plants can add visual interest to your home. These boxes are also malleable and you can switch out the plants every season. Just make sure that the plants you choose are healthy and not too big. It’s a good idea to keep the soil moist, since you’ll be adding a window box to the exterior of your home.


If you want to add some style to your window boxes, consider using scrap wood. You can find it at your local craft store or on the Internet. You can even use leftover pieces from other projects. It’s easy to get the hang of this pattern and it’s a great way to make your window box stand out. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a decorative touch, check out this Intractable design for a simple and effective way to add window boxes to your home.

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