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For some people, ‘a house’ doesn’t just mean a building. If it also includes ‘family, love, warmth’ and people still hope that ‘home’ will be their shelter until the end of their lives. and can be passed on as a legacy from generation to generation. I would expect and wish that Building a house is smooth from the beginning to the end. But finding a technician or a contractor Often becomes a concern for many homeowners. because they do not know how to select a technician or a contractor. Some of them encountered problems along the way while they were building a house. but for many homeowners You can use the word ‘good luck’ because you can build a house successfully. No need to stress or have a headache about various distractions just because of choosing a technician or a contractor.

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Here, we would like to divide technicians or contractors into 2 large groups, ‘workers or contractors in person’ and ‘company form contractors’. What factors should be taken into account when choosing a technician or contractor? We’ve compiled a list of key points for you to make your decision. Let’s go over each topic, the differences between ‘a contractor to avoid and a contractor to choose’.

1. The process of building a house

Building a house has many details such as the design of the house and the system work. or choosing a house Material selection, contracting, construction supervision expertise in the installation of materials and systems until after the construction of the house, such as interior work Parking lot work Decorating the area around the house garden design and decoration including contacts with government agencies and financial institutions, etc.

from the above details In the case of hiring a technician or a contractor on behalf of an individual Especially small contractors or contractors who often work as contractors. Or maybe a technician with construction experience. and then climbed up to be a construction contractor. Homeowners need to think carefully. Because homeowners should have ‘knowledge’ about construction. also must have ‘Abilities and Time’ in ‘Work Supervision’ of Self-Construction

while the contractors form a company Often provide comprehensive home building services. Since there is a standard house model to choose from. Or get a new home design as the homeowner wants. Have a complete team From engineers, architects, foreman and specialist construction team There is a step-by-step bid. Clearly show details of the use of materials make a written contract have a clear work schedule as well as contacting government agencies and coordinating credit matters

2. Budget control

From the process of building a house that is different there is a possibility that Hiring a small contractor or on behalf of an individual It should be more economical than hiring a company-style contractor. But that’s not for homeowners with construction knowledge. This is because home construction is a way for ‘bad’ builders to take advantage of homeowners with insufficient knowledge. There will always be a cheap price. Many times, homeowners tend to hire the cheapest contractor first. But the problem that often arises is that contractors often suffer losses. (because the construction price is too low to get a job) Some people may not manage their money well. The homeowner had to pay more and more money to get the work done as he wanted, thus leading to the ‘expansion of the budget’.

In addition, the details of the use of equipment were not specified from the beginning. The homeowner will continue to buy materials and equipment during the construction. In this case, if the ‘economic situation changes’, the price of the product will go up and down.

On the other hand, receiving services from a company-based contractor looks like the price is higher than when it first started. But the bid and the details of the use of materials are clearly specified since the contract is signed. This is considered a certain level of budget control. In the case of economic volatility Because the homeowner has already signed the contract and selected the equipment from the beginning. The company therefore has a duty to build a house as agreed to be completed correctly and completely.

3. Construction standards

to build a house Homeowners expect ‘Construction Quality Matters’ Non-standard house construction It’s not just a zigzag channel for contractors to exploit. if it still brings ‘Damage’ that may come later, so if the homeowner decides to choose a small mechanic or contractor or on behalf of an individual homeowner must ‘Pay special attention’ study for knowledge and examine each step of the house construction thoroughly. whether it is land filling piling Structural work including foundation work, structure, steel work, system work, paint work, etc.

For hiring a company-format contractor As mentioned, there is usually a well-equipped team. Therefore, homeowners can often be more relieved. ‘Abandoned’ but should be communicated Periodically inquire with the Foreman for details. To both review, understand and update the progress of the work on a regular basis.

4. Reliability

‘Reliability’ such as expertise, experience and standards in construction. You can check the exact source. financial status, the number of tasks received by the recipient during that period, number of workers Dealing with unexpected problems during construction The affiliation with the association with certification standards, etc., these are important details that make the contractor. Many of the ‘irresponsible’ ended up being ‘abandoned’.

But hiring a technician or a small construction contractor or on behalf of an individual It’s not a matter of worrying. Only the homeowner has to be ‘confident’ in that contractor, such as being able to check the real history, have real results to check, and have a trustworthy certifier. Make a strong employment contract, etc.

5. Vision, care and responsibility towards customers and society

this issue is ‘Special Topic’ for certain contractors or companies only. but important for the present and the future because the contractor, especially the company model, turns to focus on construction by using materials that replace the destruction of nature, especially wood, by these home builders There is always information about new materials that keep up with the changing global environmental trends. Therefore, always bring good information to recommend to the homeowner. It is regarded as caring and responsible for the environment. that makes a difference for the company

‘A small contractor or in the name of an individual’ is different from The inevitable ‘company build contractor’ Hiring a small mechanic or contractor or on behalf of an individual It may be the ‘yes’ option for homeowners who have complete construction knowledge. Hiring a contractor for a company It may be the ‘finished’ answer for homeowners who trust the work of the home builder company. The important thing is ‘all around prudence’ during consideration and decision making.

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